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DPF Cleaning

We can offer in-house specialised DPF Cleaning at Bath Auto Services improve the performance of your vehicle. 

A Diesel Particulate filter is designed to reduce the soot emissions from your exhaust by up to 80%. Failure to clean your DPF can result in poor engine performance and an increase in fuel consumption.

The main reason you get DPF blockages in many cases is because you may be only travelling short distances. A DPF essentially self-cleans itself (this is known as regeneration). The soot is burnt off the filter at a high temperature, this usually happens when your vehicle is travelling a distance at a medium to high rpm.

If you are not consistently travelling at a medium to high rpm then your DPF will build up too much soot and will reduce the performance of your vehicle and at this stage, you will require a professional clean.

Unblocking your DPF using our cleaning service will save you a significant amount of money in comparison to buying a brand new filter and with a 24-hour turn around (locally) you will be back on the road before you know it.

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